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I’ve made a quick video about my time in that 52 floor. Have a look, just clik on the picture it will leads you to vimeo.

Just a glass of Riesling at 52th Floor of heaven…too cold unfortunately…

To have a drink in the New York Bar @Park Hyatt…..

Maybe you could understand this if you are one of those who felt in love of Tokyo framed by Sofia Copolla … I’ve made it but it takes me 11 years (movie were out in January 2004 in France).



Unfortunately, that Hotel is far away from the subway and it’s a huge blocks of concrete without any charm. When I succeed to find the way to move in, you are lost every 15 steps because these buildings are not dedicated only to the hotel.

But… At the 52 floor… Everything seems the same as Sofia settled it (except it seems more tiny): The jazz music, the atmosphere… It seems like Bill Muray will come with his reversed tee-shirt in a minute and Scarlett Johanson will offer him a drink. What a place !! To be there at the sunset is just something you have to try.

I succeed not to order an Suntory Whisky. But a glass of Riesling…. I was so happy the wine list had one and more enthusiasm to taste one from the United State.

Happy to be there but, sad to taste this !!


Honestly, it was not the riesling I expected. Too dry and without any complexity. It could have been an organic sauvignon blanc (ok too far sorry). That place must provide a german Riesling or one great Grand Cru from Alsace. So if you succeed to find the place from the subway, to reach the 52 floor from the entrance, to find a table… don’t hesitate: from head to toes order an Suntory Whisky to feel what is to be within a movie…