Bunch of grappes during harvest in a sunny day, composed of small berries.

« It’s because it’s a Grand Cru » someone said

« Grand cru is always small berries« 

I’d never heard about Bruno Paillard’s champagne before, so it was a real surprise when I received an invitation for a day trip to their vineyard during the harvest. More than 80% of their Champagne is exported, which begs the question : is the best way to drink one of their bottles to travel ? You could, for example, find a bottle in London at the Pollen Street Social (here is the Blanc de Blanc cuvée réserve) or an extensive list of Bruno Paillard’s wines in Hong Kong at Atelier Robuchon (here). « we are in 400 Michelin star’s restaurants » Said Mr Paillard.

« Champagne is technical wine » M. Bruno Paillard said to me during the visit of their house while he’s showing me how to compose a Champagne like some create a symphony: you select the highest quality of product from grand cru soil and the rest is a complex combination of technical solutions and experience (which barrels ? how do you vinify ? how long do you age your bottles in the dark ? what is the appropriate temperature for aging ? how do you riddle it? when is disgorging appropriate ? how long must the bottle stay in convalescence after this « surgery » ?).

What I really liked that day was not only to learn a lot about Champagne’s history or the way Champagne is produced by Bruno Paillard’s team but also, to see how Alice (Bruno Paillard’s daughter) and Mr Paillard were concerned about everything: « Do you think the air conditioner is necessary for the tasting ? Or we could just create an air flow with some windows ? » « The glass stood too long outside in this place I’m sorry for that, the first glass will be a little bit warm ». 

As they were focus on every details of my day trip, are they doing the same for every bottle ?

Of course, I have my preference among the offerings:


Another picture from the vineyard. Who are the workers ? ….

Others are the drinkers….


The best way to start ! It’s fresh and the acidity is excellent!!

This bottle has a long finish highlighted by small bubbles.

Great !!!


The dark light pink seduced me immediately. Delicate nose.

The blend here is really for those who love intense rhubarb

mixed with light tannins.


Just whaooo ! So intense, so alive on the nose you can’t help but taste it immediately.

The taste is like dipping into an elegant Grand cru wine from Burgundy combined with small bubbles.

This bottle seduced me immediately


Here I tasted the result of a challenge. This bottle is remarkably well produced.

The result is a long and intense palate combine with small bubbles.

Taste it with your best friend and appreciate it.

It’s a unique experience.


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