Empire State of Wine

It was a great experience to compare 3 different Chenin and see so many differences in the glass. Of course, the differences would have been even more highlighted if all the bottles were of the same vintage.


Savennières Mosse « Arena » 2010

What a strange situation…the first approach was: not easy, dark, closed up, bitter, just like eating an arugula salad without bread and oil. Don’t be afraid, go through this « firewall » with confidence because, after that, it will become sweet and tender. So here, I saw a real gap between what bitter aromas this bottle could provide  on the nose and all the easy sweet sensations you could have on the palate


Montlouis-sur-Loire « les tuffeaux » 2008 François Chidaine

You can be sure that I know the real and obvious difference between a Riesling and a Montlouis-sur-Loire. But, regarding all the wines posted in my blog (including some Riesling of course), I could make a weird comparason with confidence. This bottle provides you the exact paradox you have with a Riesling: a huge difference on the palate from the sweet residual sugar and acidity.

Wine pairing: with my traditional « cevice » (fresh salmon marinated in lemon juice and some slices of a ripe mango) it was amaaaaazing


Eric Nicolas vieilles vignes éparses 2010

What a bottle…. First, it starts with this peculiar form which looks like a bottle of Riesling (again????). But, trust me, here you are far from any Riesling vineyard. Really ??? Ok, just admit that on a blind tasting you could have doubt. This « Vieille vignes Eparses » déjabu here is one of the most puzzling wines I ever tasted.  An intellectual curiosity I think (and one of my favorite from Loire). Secondly, it is aweird sensation to have a taste of this in your mouth: It’s the exact perfect balance between acidity and sugar. I mean if I could, I will start every dinner of my life with this wine. I think I could have an idea to what Eric Nicolas has in mind when he chose that bottle. I can (almost) imagine starting a conversation with this bottle (and my friends)…and ending the discussion with this magician winemaker the day I will meet him. Just to see if my point of view was acceptable.