…I wanna be a part of it….. (Eleven on Madison Park) from www.dejabu.fr on Vimeo.

Cuisine with rythm… 

For the first time of my almost 300 posts, this one will highlights the restaurant instead of the wine. I know, I always make the distinction between the bottle and the place I tasted the bottle. I hope you will forgive me for that « outrun ». Eleven Madison Park is such a great (but kind of expansive) place where you could bring your own bottle (like we did), the service is made with rhythm which is not something you meet every time you go for a diner on a trendy place. Sometimes trendy places pop up for weeks and vanish eventually in a day. Eleven Madison Park is a trendy place for years…. and this leaves space for  rhythm in the service.

Wine for adults.

BAUNE 1er cru « CLOS DES MOUCHES » 2010

Whaoo… let me say just straight: This Clos des Mouches 10 is not for young puppies. It’s a wine for big dogs…On the first glass, around the table, each one of us remained silent and calm trying to appreciate that moment.  But, be sure this first glass was a huge intro to an another world: the world of bitterness… Nobody learned me that bitter taste in wine could be a good thing. But for my first taste of this world known famous white wine from Burgundy I was not overwhelmed by the fragrance or the taste because everything was in the right place: I was convinced immediately by the smell and seduced by the minerality… and… the only thing I notice was the structured bitterness…I could say if you are able to appreciate that bitterness in your glass, it means you reach a certain level in tasting… Terrific wine !