A white wine from Languedoc ? ‘huge’ difference with the others…

Let me say this straight, from Perpignan to Nice, white wine are often heavy in the mounth and smell a lot alchool. They do not have my preference. It becomes really hard to find something light and just fresh in these areas and so easy in other regions like Loire or Burgungdy (even if they have their heavy stuff too). So why spending time to find a fresh white wine in the south of France whereas we could, almost ramdomly, find the perfect one in Burgungy or Loire ? Why a white wine from Languedoc ?

It’s exactly, what I could have said to Thomas Manager and Somelier from « A la Margueritte » a restaurant nearby « Chatelet » subway station in Paris if I had the chance to see the bottle first. This guy always surprised me in each blind tasting I tried to play there. I didn’t manage to find any wine with that « game »…

This time, he introduced me, a glass of white wine and he said : « just try and if it’s not your style we will find something more classic ». The light color in the glass was not an information to find the origin, the noze was light and fresh like the perfect invitation for going straight to the taste. If you have the chance to see the bottle, you would be surprised immediatly. But, I was blind with only my memory of all the wine tasted before. Seriously, this wine was a organic Burgundy really young and made on the hedge of the fruit to provide the perfect acidity.

Sharp, light and able to give you the exact feeling I was looking that day as an introduction for my first meal. I said « I like it » it from Burgundy no ? And with its little smile hidded by his Musketeers mustache  he said « no its from Languedoc » and introduce me the bottle of «Clos DOMITIA ».  Whaoo… Yes… Bravo… amazing…. Excellent… Je dis bravo !!!

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