Red wine for swordfish ?

I’m so glad to find time to write in english. This french wine was already tasted before and I wrote down some articles in FRENCH (If you want to see my previous post in that language please click here and here). It’s one of my favorite wine and sometimes it helps me to choose the restaurant where I could go for dinner.

Honestly, the fact of having this kind of wine in a wine list, means a lot of things regarding the selection made by the restaurant’s owner . It’s not beacause this wine is expensive, it’s not because this wine is famous (but it will), it’s all about taste and feeling about the wine.

This wine is made in the most respectful tradition of biological agriculture and the M. and Ms Breton during the vinification uses the less chimical products they could.

In a restaurant, in general: first I select the wine and then I choose my main course (that’s how it works with me). The bottle of wine was cool (and it’s a good thing for this wine because the room temperature will warm it). Everything is important for tasting a good wine but the temperature is a key point. A cold wine is like a too fresh water in your mounth: you will taste nothing. A too warm wine will be like a too hot tea: you will not taste anything either. The perfect balance beetwen too cold and a bit warm is subjective. My little solution is to touch the bootle in order to feel if the temperature is appropriate.

Concerning the wine, you find the same blend of grape in the Bordeaux vinyards but these grapes have a different expression. In the Glass, the color could looks like a Bordeaux but a little bit lighter (light red). The huge difference is the taste: this wine is a little bit shorter in the mouth and less complex.

So it’s short taste but you will find a short blast of fresh fruit in your mounth you will feel alchool gentlely arise at the end. For me, it was my search for this dinner.

Swordfish with french puree (great).