The next level !

When you are on holidays, all the sharing moments are best places for tasting a new wine. As i said before, it’s not the wine which taste good, but the moment it goes with….

On holidays, I tasted the one famous Pessac Léognan: Haut de Smith in a 2006 vintage. This vintage was not one of the most famous and the weather conditions was not perfect. Consequently, I could imagine something flat and simple. Honestly, it was beyond what i expected.

The color was not so dark for a Bordeaux. The smell was totaly new for me, really soft, with some smoke meat flavor  and not a all spicy in the noze. The taste was soft and slow but really long, free of alcool in the begining as if  this wine manage the alcool arrival in the month in the end but slowly and softly. One bad point was that smoke meat flavor still there in the taste. Hence,  this too strong taste was not well balanced with the acidity.

But for me this wine is an entry to a next level.


Some cheese and antipasti