And here comes the results. The Wine 1 was really difficult to understand because we could not compare with something.  The wine 2 was for me the best wine: really well balanced between alcool and tanins and although a really sweet taste all along the mouth. The wine 3 was soft and better than the first. When I tast the wine 4, it was for me the best wine also because it was so sweet that you could drink it slowly and with no doubt. Enventually, I was the only one who found Domaine de Chevalier and the  women found Chapelle de Potensac which was the only wine outside Pessac-Leognan area.

It’s really amazing that three women found the outsider, does it mean women have more hability to find out what is not in the same level?

I really think that women do not have same way to taste a wine than men and it’s really intresting to compare.