The princip is simple: Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB). I invited some friend with one mission: bring a Pessac Léognan 2004 in order to taste them in a blind session. My friends told me that it was no so easy to find this vintage. Some of them came with an another vintage (ouh lo lo….. too bad shame on them)  But the majority succeeded and thanks to that we had the chance to have:

So you could see below how it works: We hide everything and just start to taste one bottle together and share your impressions

We started randomly by the wine n°1 and talk about what we felt about: I was in charge to write the impression from the others in a paper.

We were 7 (4 men and 3 women). The missions:

  1. Find out the Haut Medoc amongs all the Pessac-Léognan
  2. Find out Domaine de Chevalier (because all the wine experts consider this wine as one of the best, famous, french wine (soft tannins, fruit…… blah blahh).

We received at the same time, the same wine in a glass.

The Résult was outstanding…. It so hard when you have only your taste to find out what you prefer……

Result next time…..