The story starts with an idea: A good french red wine with a big Salad. The kind of salad you make with Mozarella, Pine nuts, olive oil, Roasted goats milk cheese and Balsamic vinegar.

I had this « salad plan » in my mind when I walk into the famous wine store located in the 18ème arrondissement of Paris.

And when you have this plan in mind before step in a store, it becomes really easy to find the perfect wine to match with.

Alone, in the wine store, the perfect match for me would have been a Saint Veran because the freshfull and the acidity of this white wine  could be perfect balance with the roasted cheese and the balsamic vinegar. However,  this kind of wine is not what my girlfriend likes. So I tried to forget the white and I went straight to the red. Obviously, for me in this wine store and after an overview, three choices arised:

Why these three wines ? Firstly beacause there are available in the store amongs a lot of other wines. Secondly because I have already drunk each before. Thirdly, because each of them reminds me of something really difficult to explain: a mix between a souvenir and a beautifull taste. At the end of the day I chose the Bandol.

The flavor was not so strong, the color was dark, the taste was difficult to explain: the wine is well balanced between tanins and alcools. Although, for the price paid (around 20 euros) it was not the good choice for my salad. Before leaving the store the guy said « please open this bottle when you arrived and wait for 2 hours before taste it« . That could be my mistake, because I did not respect that….

Who knows ? only those who taste every day….and the winemarker.

A salad with olive oil, Roasted goat milk cheese, balsamic vinegar, mozarella, pine nuts